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LAWS( most of these laws and regulations are available in french only)


Decree 2005-144 of March 2nd 2005 regulating travel , tourism and tourist transports agencies
Decree 2005-145 of March 2nd 2005 regulating tourist accomodation instittutions.
Decree 2004-1150 of August 18th 2004 establishing, organizing and running of the national financial information processing unit (CENTIF)
Decree 2003-101of March 13th 20003 regulating Public Accounts.
Decree 97-1217 of December 17th 1997 setting up the organisation rules and functionning of the interministrial Comittee against Drug trafficking.
Decree 97-1218 of December 17th 1997 setting up the organisation rules and functionning of the Central Office against Drug trafficking .
Decree 97-1219 of December 17th 1997 on treatment measures for drugs addicts.
Decree 97-1220 of December 17th 1997 setting up the list of narcotics, psychotropic and precursory substances in application of drugs codes provisions.
Decree 95-03 of January 05th 1995 regulating mutualist institutions, saving or cooperative of credit .
Decree 93-116 of September 30th 1993 authorizing the minister of finances to emit treasury bonds.
Decree 96-103 of june 30th 1989 setting up intervention modalities for Non Gouvernmental Organizations(NGO)
Decree 83-423 of April 21th 1983 on property , transaction and management activities.
Decree adapting decree 79-1029 of November 05th 1979 fixing status for notaries
Decree 67-6390 of April 13th 1967 setting up conditions for implementing law 66-58 of June 30th 1966, organizing and regulatingof game houses.


Order 0037/MEF/CENTIF of July 27th 2005 on delegation of powers from the Minister of State for Economy and Finance to the Head of CENTIF.
Order 003786 of July 27th 2005 from the Minister of State for Economy and Finance issuing the model for reporting suspicious transactions
Ordinance 6055 fixing State spending amount and 6058 on the nomenclature of justificative documents of State spending
Ordinance 94-29 february 28th 1994 on contentious infractions on exchange control ratified by law 94-54 du 27 mai 1994
Ordinance on the list of persons autorized to susbcribe treasury bonds in application of decree 93-116 of September 3rd 1993
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